SAMHO 山合文化


Water drips through the stone, and the stars change. We are willing to be a drop of water and a star in this new maritime period. With the fate of you and me, we are heading for a new historical cycle!
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One second anxiety irritable, as long as a change of thinking, the next second is happiness (Paradise), see different world, meet different themselves, see different scenery along the way, live a different life.
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Traditional enterprises pay attention to production efficiency, and pay attention to the occupancy and use efficiency of space; in the future, enterprises pay attention to distribution efficiency and the distribution and connection of value nodes. We have produced too many products, and even entered the era of overcapacity. The most important thing in the future is not what you can produce, but whether you can deliver the most suitable things to the most suitable people, so that the social resources can be accurately matched and put in their own place.
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拥抱未来 Embrace the future


In the future, everyone can do his or her best, and everyone's talent and creativity will no longer be fettered by trivial life. Whether you want to chop firewood and feed horses, face the sea, or travel around the world, whether you want to build a skill with long years, or want to watch the flowers bloom and fall, you can live the life you want with your interest and talent.
In modern times, traditional organizations will continue to change and iterate in the process of transformation. Some people will be indignant because they can not adapt to this change, and they will feel frustrated because they are reduced to the general people. It can be said that this era is very beautiful and cruel. If you can't create value, you will not be far away from being eliminated.

Brief introduction of SAMHO Cultural Creative Design Institute



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